Achieving goals

Achieving Goals Like a Pro

Competing in NPC competitions, it is inevitable, you will come across so many different kinds of people from so many different walks of life. The one thing that ties us all together is our drive. The drive we have to continue setting and achieving goals.

I often think back to some of the people I’ve met. Each of them have touched my life in some way, even if I’ve only met them once. They leave a lasting impression I carry with me always.

There is one woman in particular I will always remember. I don’t remember her name, I only met her once, but she has left a permanent mark on my life. Thinking of her always helps me to propel forward with any goal that I’m fearful, hesitant to attempt to achieve.

Here Is Her Story

Let me preface this story by telling you that I am spoiled. Majority of the women standing on that stage have multiple children, babies even newborns sometimes. They have husbands, boyfriends, elderly parents they care for, etc. I have no children, a supportive family and no hurdles. It’s legitimately just me vs. me. Its not like that for others. In their lives its them vs. life. I say this because I think it should be said that I already have such a high regard for the women I compete against. They make it through prep tired and hungry finding the energy to be there for everyone around them. (My salute to you ladies)

This woman was different. I met her briefly while standing in a group of girls talking about the hurdles of juggling family and prep. It was time for us to line up. The other ladies left but I was the number right in front of this woman so we continued to talk. I asked her multiple questions about her 5 children. She began to open up a little more about her life. To my surprise, her husband was not only unsupportive but vocally against her competing.

It needs to be said that she talked with the utmost respect of her husband. The conversation was full of positivity as she described her journey through preparing for her first show. Lets be honest, some times your spouse is not going to agree with some of the decisions you make. However, if its something you feel in your soul you need to do they will love you too much to stop you.

Something she said that stuck with me is “I knew if I wanted this, I was going to need to figure it out by myself.”

To say she met her goal of making it to the stage is an understatement. She had one of the best physiques on stage, and took home a ton of medals. Placing top 3 in every division entered.

Look at it from a Different Perspective

The blueprint of achieving goals is actually quite simple. Start by setting a goal, and outline the necessary steps to take to achieve said goal. Just looking at these factors it seems quite simple. I think its important to see your goal in this light to avoid being overwhelmed. Looking at the bigger picture, all the complications that can occur, & everything that is stopping you from moving forward is surely the first step in failing before you even start. Before you look at what could go wrong, you have to look at what could go right. Outlining the steps first will prepare you for what needs to be done in spite of anything that should pop up.

What Stops us from Believing & Achieving

Fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, or fear of letting others down, this is what stops us. Many times when we make decisions to move forward or stay stagnant we make those decisions out of panic. The result from this will never be favorable. When we make our decisions based on love of ourselves or others, thats when we reach true success. The lady i met backstage said her driving force was to be an inspiration for her daughters. She wanted to show her little girls what a woman could achieve, how strong a woman could be. Love was the woman’s driving force. Therefore, had she not placed she still would’ve been would have been successful in achieving goals she set for herself.

How she Inspires Me to Stop Holding Myself Back from Achieving Goals

I’ve thought about this woman periodically throughout the years. Whenever my confidence is low, whenever I want to go for something I don’t think I’m worthy, or whenever I know its time for a life change, I think of this woman. I ask myself “why do you want this?”, “Are you willing to make the sacrifices necessary?”, “Are you making these decisions out of love?” If i answer yes to all three then I know I need to move forward personally achieving goals and ultimately self fulfillment.

The Blueprint

The blueprint to achieving goals simplified:
~Make a decision to achieve a goal
~outline steps to take
~Don’t make excuses
~Expect to rely on yourself
~Don’t expect to have time, you need to make time
~Hire a professional for guidance
~Ask for help- don’t expect it but don’t expect to get any if you don’t ask.

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