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What Should You Pack for Bikini Competition Day

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Its finally here, Bikini Competition Day! You’ve been through weeks of prep, its time to show off your hard work. Competition weekend is one of the most exciting, yet stressful weekends. You’ve dedicated so much time and energy to perfecting your physique the last thing you want to do is forget something important show day. I’ve put together a list of things to help you be fully prepared for your show weekend. Your very own bikini competition packing list. This list does not include normal everyday toiletries or things needed for travel but instead focuses on competition specific items.

Food- perhaps you are traveling to your show, perhaps you are not but either way you want to make sure you have enough food prepped and a variety of different foods. Your coach should dictate what those foods might be but in the case that they do not here are some foods that I bring with me: sweet/red potato, rice cakes, white bread, peanut butter, chicken, cod, honey, jelly, sirloin and coconut oil. If its not specified i always call ahead to see if the hotel I’m traveling to provides a fridge and microwave. I have become very talented in 1. Cooking with a coffee maker 2. Tracking down gas stations with microwaves.

Bikinis (plural)- make absolutely sure you have your bikini. Some competitions actually check your bikini for approval so in the case that it does not meet their standards it is always a good idea to have a back up suit. Also, imagine a strap braking or rhinestones falling off. I always over pack but I’m always prepared for anything.

Small sewing kit- If you don’t have a second bikini purchase a small sewing kit in the event of an emergency. I usually carry one and also add a small bottle of fabric glue for any rhinestones that fall off of my suit. As part of your competition packing list i should include safety pins. I once saw a girls top bust wide open exposing everything.  Safety pins would have been really useful for her. Don’t assume something like that wont happen to you.

Heels- Check the requirements for heel height and platform height.

Jewelry – earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. I generally do not wear necklaces so as to not distract the judges eye from looking at my delts and chest.

Makeup- It is a really good idea to do a couple of trial runs. Whether you are doing your makeup yourself or hiring a professional, you will want to be sure that your entire package looks put together. Make sure your face is not too light keeping in mind your normal face makeup probably wont work here with such a dark spray tan and such heavy stage lighting. For years I made the mistake of buying makeup that was too dark or too orange. I’ve found that MAC NW25 is the perfect shade. Choose a lip shade that isn’t too pink it will creat a funky contrast with the tan and doesn’t look the bet under the stage lighting. A darker red with purple undertones or natural shade with gloss often works best.

Hair Stuff- bobby pins, brush, heat protector spray, blow dryer, curling iron or straightener, and hairspray.

Tanning/glueing products- I compete in the NPC organization. They usually provide tanning services. However, I’ve been to several shows that did not provide this and have had to tan myself. If the service is provided the same people will usually glaze and glue your bikini. Once again i can not stress this enough, purchase your own glaze and bikini bite. Keep it with you. Sometimes larger shows can be rushed in an attempt to get through all divisions on time. If thats the case there may be a chance you’ll be thrown on stage. If you are already glazed an glued you can step out on stage looking your best even when backstage is 50 shades of crazy.
A hand towel and rubber gloves- you’ll need these to put on and pat out your glaze.

A silk/ satin robe – it is ideal to wear this backstage. Its easy to put on and take off, wont mess up your hair/makeup and wont smudge your tan.
Long sleeved T-shirt and long pajama pants- you’ll want to sleep in these. Just make sure your hotel room is nice and cold to avoid sweating while you sleep.

Sheets and towels- Your spray tan will get everywhere! The hotel will charge you for staining their sheets or towels. It is important to pack these things to avoid additional hotel fees. Another great use for your extra sheets is backstage. There is often a lot of waiting. Staying on your feet could potentially pool water into your leg muscles. Instead of walking around pacing backstage try laying down with your feet elevated and relaxing. Bringing additional sheets is useful so you don’t have to lie on thee dirty floor.

Post show clothing- It’s been a long prep, its inevitable you are going to go celebrate. You’ve spent a lot of money on that little sparkly bikini so don’t even think about keeping it on. Accidents happen, straps pop, Swarovski crystals fall off, Bring dark clothing to change in to. Its not worth repairing your suit to wear it a few minutes longer and why would you want to? It is ridiculously uncomfortable. My first top after i get off stage is the nearest place with food. Therefore, I pack my “eating shirt.” It’s a dark grey fleece with lots of room for a distended belly. I pair it with black sweatpants. Boom! Time to eat.

NPC membership card, Competitor Laniard, Competitor Number- Like i said before I’ve only ever competed in the NPC so i know you’ll need to show proof of your NPC membership at check is. I’m not sure of other organization requirements so make sure to check that you have all the paperwork you need. At check ins you are usually issued a laniard. This is your ticket in and out of the show. Just because you’re wearing enough tanner to qualify as an Oompa Loompa does not mean the door man will let you in. Do not lose this. There is usually an athletes meeting prior to prejudging, here you will be given your competitor number. Some show promoters are nice enough to give you a new one if you lose yours but this is rare. If you lose your numbers the judge wont know who you are or how to score you. So hang on to this with your life. You didn’t work this hard to blow it over not having a number on stage.

Resistance band- Some shows provide competitors with weights and resistance bands for pumping up before going on stage, some do not. Go prepared with your own band.

A mirror- Have you ever been elbowed by a boney bikini girl to move you out of the way so she can fix her lipstick in one of the two mirrors provided by the promoter? No? Well, i can tell you it hurts. Bring your own mirror if you can. You wont have to share. You’ll be able to practice your posing, fix your makeup with out worrying about anyone pushing you out of the way.

I hope after reading this you feel a little more prepared going in to your first bikini competition. If its your first time competing good luck. Hopefully this post has alleviated some stress and you can focus on other things. Remember to have fun and live in the moment. You’re about to meet some amazing people and make such great memories.

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