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Build a Better Upper Body Workout

Peak Week Day 3

Today the challenge is scheduling. I have a full day of work, workout, and i made a last minute appointment with my chiropractor to do some muscle scraping therapy. It is going to be a long day of running but I think I’ve got this.

The natural assumption would be that after a day so high in carbs I’d be energized but i was not. I’m running on a nightly average of 4 hours of sleep this week. I think that has a lot to do with my fatigue. I’m so tired I can barely walk around the gym or even stand to train my clients.

So, I’ll just get to the point of this little post. It was chest, shoulder and tricep day! I was instructed to work at 80% intensity. I focused on going just a little lighter but really giving a good muscle contraction with each rep.

Sometimes going slightly lighter than you would need to fail can really benefit your workout. Focusing instead on creating that mind muscle connection and really contracting every single rep can be such a game changer. Give it a try.

Later in the day I went to my chiropractor to get scraped. This will  help to open up my tight muscles and improve my posing. I’m not going to lie it hurt so much! I almost punched my poor chiropractor several times as a reflex. I’m telling you this so that I can publicly apologize to the poor man. I’m sorry Dr. Smith!

Chiropractic scraping therapy

I’ll be providing more information on scraping as a form of therapy in the future but you have to stay tuned! We took tons of video of my experience so that you can see first hand what it’s like. I can’t wait to show you all!

For now I hope you really enjoy this workout.

Chest shoulder tricep upper body strength workout

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