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Super Star Lower Body Leg Day Strength Workout

Peak Week Series Day 1. Included is the lower body leg day strength training workout I threw together. I hope you enjoy.

Monday: First official day of Peak Week. In five days I’ll be hitting the stage for the first time in over a year. An entire year of preparation has gone into this. At times it seemed so far away i lost faith in the process but kept pushing forward. Now i’m just a matter of days away from showing off exactly what I’ve been doing in my time away.

I’m coming in with a different look than I’m used to. I have more muscle, I’m fuller, bigger. This has taken me some time to get used to. I had to realize the old look, being shredded with flat muscles, wasn’t working for me. The most annoying thing about competing is that you never know what the judges will be looking for that show, that day. You just have to go in at your personal best. Let’s hope this is the look that hooks them.

Today I went through a leg workout. Usually, I follow a specific workout plan laid out by my coach but today he told me just to have fun. I totally did. I was so excited to do some of my favorite leg exercises. I’m going to share this workout with you! I alternated between hamstring and quad exercises so if you’re looking for a time efficient workout that is super high intensity (and are bat shit crazy) this workout can be turned into a superset workout.

Leg muscles strength training

I’m surprised how strong and energized I was this day. My carbs were the lowest they‘d been all prep. i guess thats the beauty of doing a low slow prep instead of a 12 week crash diet. I’ve had a few low energy days here and there but as a whole this prep has been so fun. I’m not saying I haven’t had my meltdowns. As a seasoned veteran in the competition world the food and workouts are second nature but the whole mental aspect and self criticism is still there. The thing to remember is that whether you are new to competing or old, you need to always stick to the plan. You may lose faith at times, you may think you’re not going to get there, you are going to look in the mirror some days and breakdown because you don’t think you’ll be ready, but you have got to keep moving forward because you know that you just can’t quit.

I hope you enjoy this workout!

Leg day lower body strength training workout

This workout can be completed with each exercise being done individually or to up the intensity, it can be done as a superset workout with minimal rest between consecutive exercises

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