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The Ultimate Back Workout



Day two of my Peak Week series down, just a few more to go. I’ve included the back strength training workout I completed today for anyone interested in trying it.

Today was very interesting. I went from eating 60 grams of carbs on Monday to a total 300 grams of carbs on Tuesday. I was flying high as a kite all morning. have you ever seen a dog with the zoomies? That was me.

It reminds me of the year I made an enormous amount of Christmas cookies. I ate more than half of each batter taste testing over a dozen cookies. The sugar high was ridiculous. Yes, this was identical to that.

I swear my eyeballs were vibrating I had such a rush.

I’m feeling pretty good. I haven’t been thinking “am i ready?” Or “am i not ready?” I’ve just been doing what i need to do. I love when my focus is so strong it drowns out the voices of self doubt. I truly have a great coach and I need to put all my faith in his process. Don’t think, just do is the motto today.

Morning posing was rough. My quarter turns have been challenging me. The first time around I’m great but the second time around, I puff out my midsection straining to hard to create an ab line that is already present. I need to get this together. This is my main source of stress at this point.

Posing is a funny thing, if you don’t contract the muscles they don’t show, if you contract too much they don’t show. You have to find that sweet spot of in between. You practice for hours in front of the mirror, its perfect. It’s when you leave the mirror and have to feel your body that things become challenging.

My suggestion to competitors, do not get in the habit of posing in the mirror. Its not the same as practicing your angles for the perfect selfie. You need to feel your muscles response to certain movements from the start. I always suggest my posing clients simply pose and video it. Over and over and over again.


My workout was phenomenal today. I was told to do back. Once again I went into the gym with no plan but came out feeling so accomplished. Let me just be honest here, I dislike working back. We all have certain muscle groups we love working and ones that we like a little less. Back is one of my least favorites. That’s why its one of the things i need to push the hardest on.


Life Lesson: The things you dislike doing are usually the things you need to work on more. The hard work is usually worth the effort.

The end of the day was rough. I crashed so hard. Finally arriving home after getting my hair done and still had to do 30 minutes of flat walking on the treadmill. My natural assumption was that with all of those carbs running through my veins, I could’ve run a marathon. Um, no. It was a push to put on my tennis shoes. I walked, I posed, I went to bed, I knocked out. See you in the A.M.

If you’re interested in what I did for my back workout, here it is!Back day strength training workout

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